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Dear Sir or Madam

Almaz Group is a sales representative of mining and processing companies.
The raw materials offered are extracted through traditional mining processes as well as through ♻recycling process, which reduce the burden on the planet's ecology: preserving fertile soils, clean water sources, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.
Recycling process♻, allows the material to be obtained as a result of collection and processing of waste industrial materials and in-depth processing of ore dumps.
At present we are ready to supply the following raw materials*:

1. Ta2O5 99,96% 500kg/month ♻
2. WC (Tungsten carbide) 75-94% 3t/month ♻
3. Ti Co Nb (process compound) 10t/month ♻
4. Cu (Ore concentrate*) 35% ♻
Contains Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh
5. WO3 (Ore concentrate) 60% 75t/month
Ferrotungsten production available
6. Cr2O3 (Ore concentrate) 40%
*The chemical analysis is in the appendices to this letter.

We will be glad to send samples for analysis and start mutually beneficial cooperation.

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